Fundraising With In Good Taste

Since 1995 In Good Taste has been offering groups and organizations a great selection of quality food products to fund-raise with, helping thousands of groups meet and exceed their fundraising goals.

The advantages of our fundraising program include:

  • Quality Products: A great selection of premium food products with home baked flavour and goodness

  • Great Profits: Your group’s profit is 30% of your total sales

  • Simple: Each product sold is at a 30% profit to your group, making it easy to calculate each individual seller’s fundraising profits

  • Convenient: Orders are shipped pre-sorted by seller when your group's sales meet the requirements for pre-paid freight. All orders below pre-paid freight shipping minimum will be bulk packed.

    For more information or to get your fundraiser started please call Nicky or Jared at 1-888-597-4654 or

Cookie Dough


Program Information for Fund-Raising Groups

To get started with your In Good Taste Fundraiser:

  • Our Order Forms are supplied free of charge. Just call to receive the necessary amount of forms required for a successful fundraiser

  •  We suggest that each person involved with the fund-raising group be responsible for circulating the product information brochure/order form for a period of about two weeks

  • All cheques received from customers are made out for the total retail amount to the group/organization that is fund-raising. In Good Taste Food Service Inc. is paid with one group/organization chequeor e-transfer to

  • Your group’s Wholesale Order form can now be easily submitted by using our Electronic Spreadsheet. Your group coordinator will receive the spreadsheet via email.

  • If submitting your order electronically is not convenient for your group, please contact us at 1-888-597-4654 to discuss other options.

  • Once we receive your order we will contact you to confirm delivery date and location as well as confirm the amount owing. Once this is done a group cheque can be mailed or payment can be e-transfered.

  • Orders are processed and shipped in 10-14 days to a single destination of the group's choice - i.e. School, Office, Church, Business, Community Club, Rink, etc. Home Deliveries may be available subject to the long-haul trucking company’s policy. Please contact us  using the form at the bottom of this page for more details

  • Orders are delivered pre-sorted by seller’s name when your group's sales meet the minimum dollar value for pre-paid freight, otherwise orders are bulk packed. All boxes are clearly labelled with the seller’s name as well as how many boxes there are for each seller. Once a seller arrives to pick up their order, simply locate their boxes, make sure that the seller has received all of their items and return the seller’s Orange order sheet.

  • Coordinators: please have your sellers confirm that they have received all of their products in good order with you before they leave. Once the seller leaves with his/her products it is deemed that his/her order is correct. Missing or damaged products must be reported to In Good Taste within 24 hours of your delivery by the group coordinator

    • Please note: due to logistics, sellers who only sell one item may be boxed together with each item labelled with the seller's name

  • It is the group's responsibility to organize satisfactory delivery of the product to their customers. All products are shipped frozen and should be delivered to your customers as soon as possible

  • A satisfied customer is a repeat customer!

2019 Fundraising Brochure

Dessert Slices

Cinnamon Buns


Requirements for Pre-paid Freight and Pre-sorted order packing

**All orders below the shipping minimum will be bulk packed**

Please Note: If you do not reach the shipping minimum requirement you still may fundraise.  Just contact In Good Taste Food Service Inc. and we will gladly discuss/negotiate the additional cost of freight

Shipping Minimums Retail Sales Wholesale

100 kilometre radius of Togo, Saskatchewan    $1800 $1260

All other points in Saskatchewan                   $2200  $1540

Manitoba                                                             $2200       $1540

Alberta                                                                $2600      $1820

Ontario                    $2900  $2030                                            

British Columbia                                                   $2900       $2030


All rates are based on the use of Long Haul Trucking Companies. Any shipments that will require other modes of transportation other than long haul  trucking rates will have to be negotiated to cover the extra costs that will be incurred.

Note: If your order is shipped by a long haul trucking company please count all boxes received in your shipment and confirm total box count with the waybill from the trucking company. Only sign if total box count matches and the shipment arrives in an undamaged state. This procedure will allow for us to put in a claim in the unlikely event that an item did not make it to the final destination or if damage has occurred to the product.


If you would like more information about our exciting fundraising opportunity please use the form below to get into contact with one of our team members

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